E2 Acid Deposition

diagram of acid desposition

this is a diagram shows the air desposition and how its moves.

this is a chemistry diagram of the acid desposition and how it transfers in the air around the clouds; stated with the equations.

review questions;

(a) Explain using an equation why rain falling in unpolluted air is acidic with a pH of about 5.7. [2]

Because it contains dissolved CO2

CO2 + H2O        H2CO3  / CO2 + H2O         H++ HCO3

(b) “Acid rain” has a pH less than 5.6. Explain using an equation how the burning of coal can contribute to acid rain formation. [2]

Coal Contains Sulfur, burning it would give CO2

S + O2               SO2        /       SO2 + H2O            H2SO3

(c) “Acid rain” can affect plants and buildings.

(i) Outline how an acidic soil can damage the growth of trees. [1]

It  leaches and removes nutrients (Ca2+, Mg2+, K+)

(ii) Give an equation for the reaction of acid rain on marble statues or limestone buildings. [1]

CaCO3 + 2H+         Ca2+ + CO2 + H2O

(d) Explain how the addition of calcium oxide to lakes could neutralize the effects of “acid rain”. [1]

CaO is a basic acid so it neutralize acid in lake 

video link on acid desposition..

this video talks about the acid desposition in the air and atmosphere around us.


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