E3 Greenhouse Effect

this shows the greenhouse effect from the sun onto the earth and the outer most layer of the earth.

this shows the greenhouse effect from the sun and how it bounces back from the side of the earth back into the air.

review questions;

(a) two of the major greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are methane andc carbon dioxide. State two other major greenhouse gases.

H2O(Water Vapor), N2O (Nitrous oxide, dinitrogen monoxide), Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCsCCl2F2), Ozone (O3)

(b) Discuss which two gases from the four gases in part (a) are the most significant for global warming.

CH4(methane)/N2)- it is most effect at absorbing radiation

CFC-more effecting at absorbing radiation and has a very long life span in the atmosphere.

(c) Discuss two effects of global warming.

The effect that takes place during global warming is the thermal expansion of the ocean, changes in sea temperature affecting sea life, there is raising sea levels, floods, droughts, changes in precipitation and temperature. Changes in migration patterns of animals.

1 (a) using carbon dioxide as an example, explain how greenhouse gases contribute to global warming [3]

Many factories produce long-lasting industrial gases don’t occur naturally but enhance greenhouse effect and “global warming” that is currently going on. Deforestation also contributes to global warming. Population growth is another factor in global warming, because as more people use fossil fuels for heat, transportation and manufacturing the level of greenhouse gases continues to increase. 

(b) the combustion of hydrocarbon fuels produces particulates. Explain how particulates in the atmosphere can affect the Earth’s surface temperature? [1]

The particulates in the atmosphere affect the Earth’s surface by reflecting incoming radiation in order to stop the Earth’s surface from warming or heating up. 

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